No medicinal plant, herbal product or local gin can prevent COVID-19 – CPMR tells public

The Centre for Plant Medicine Research (CPMR) has debunked social media posts that suggest various alcoholic bitters can be used as a substitute for hand sanitisers.

In a press statement, it discouraged the public from relying on alcoholic bitters or herbal medicine.

The Centre explained that “for a sanitiser to be effective in ridding the hands of the coronavirus, sanitisers must have 60-95% alcohol by volume.”

However, according to CPMR, the alcohol content in locally-made bitters and other beverages is less than 45%.

Thus, such bitters and their alcoholic contents are “inadequate as a sterilising measure against COVID-19.”

Read the press statement below:

Alcoholic Bitters not treatment for COVID-19 – Centre for Plant Medicine Research by on Scribd



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