Current EC leadership restores confidence in electoral process – Hassan Ayariga

Dr Hassan Ayariga, Presidential Aspirant of the All People’s Congress (APC) has said that the actions of the leadership of the Electoral Commission (EC) has restored hope and confidence in the electoral process of the country.

“Over the years, political parties have lost hope in the Commission due to the continuous disqualification of parties after filing their nominations. However, you have shown the way by constantly engaging and working together with us,” he noted.

Dr. Ayariga after submitting his nomination to the Chairperson of the Commission, Mrs Jean Mensa stated that the Commission had won the trust of many Ghanaians after successfully organising the voters registration and exhibition exercises.

“The 2020 Election is going to be a different one altogether. You have given political parties five days to submit nominations as opposed to the two-day given in the previous election.”

“Also you are sitting here personally to receive nominations. In the last one, we only saw some people coming without the Commissioner herself. We were doubting if the political parties were important or not,” he added.

Having being disqualified at this stage in the build-up to the 2016 elections, the All People’s Congress presidential aspirant was full of praise for the EC Chairperson for a job well done thus far.

He said, “We hope and wish that this document will be the best and we will not get a call that we’re coming to make any amendment. The only call we’ll get is that you have been endorsed, and you can contest for the election.”


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