Funny Face in tears after being tagged ’emotional’ on social media


Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face is not happy with the reactions his recent outburst on social media is receiving from some of his fans.

In his latest video on Twitter, Funny Face said people do not know half of the pain he is going through after the betrayal he had endured from his colleagues and wife, hence the reason why he is being tagged ‘an emotional person’.

The actor who was in tears said, with the recent pressure and trials he is going through, he is justified in his outburst and does not deserve the tag.

According to him, the people who are tagging him as emotional are the same people he helped via social media when he distributed airtime worth over GHC900 to his followers.

Prior to recording this video, Funny face revealed that his wife had run away with their twin daughters, Ella and Bella.

He claimed that her decision to leave was influenced by his collogue Lil Win with whom he has a feud.

However, many fans after the release of this video are concerned about the actor’s mental health with some suggesting he needs to see a therapist.