Alban Bagbin praises Moshake and others

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, has hailed his lieutenants that kept faith with him through his unsuccessful campaign to become the 2020 Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He applauded especially, the tenacity of Stephen Ashitey Adjei, popularly known as Moshake.

In a statement, copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, the revered MP for Nadowli-Kaleo, said he was humbled by the loyalty of all his helpers on the campaign trail, but could not help but doff off his hat for Moshake.

“I disbanded my campaign team after we lost the Presidential primary and I expressed my gratitude to them, but the recent vindication of Moshake from blame by the Greater Accra regional Executive Committee of our party has put into proper perspective the personal hurdles that people like him had to conquer for my sake.

“For openly supporting and campaigning for me, he was suspended as a member of NDC and had to battle his right for reinstatement without even burdening me with the knowledge that something like that was happening to him.

“I am humbled as I stand in awe of such show of personal courage of conviction,” Mr Bagbin said.

He expressed gratitude that Moshake’s battle to be reinstated as a member of the NDC with full rights and responsibilities has been successful.

During the recently ended Presidential primary of the NDC which was won by former President John Mahama, Mr. Alban Bagbin operated with a small campaign team of pure volunteers.

Without asking for payment, the volunteers traversed serious personal difficulties to contribute to the campaign. Of all of them however, Moshake probably paid the highest price.

As a Constituency Executive for Tema East, he refused to fall in line behind an agenda to recruit everybody for Mahama, which led to his suspension.

The NDC man however refused to buckle, fighting through confrontations to vote in the National Executives election and also to vote for Mr Bagbin in the Presidential primary, in spite of physical attempts to disenfranchise him at the Trade Fair and the Saint Albans Anglican Church in Tema East.

While Moshake was making those sacrifices, he was also fighting for his reinstatement and even though the basis upon which he was dismissed was frivolous, the process to get his membership became an uphill task. However, last week, the Greater Accra regional executive committee of the NDC cleared him of any wrongdoing and reinstated him.

“Moshake’s reinstatement is a healthy development for our party; nobody should be penalized for supporting an aspirant of his or her choice. My only unhappiness is that the issue had to take this long to be resolved.”

Source: GNA

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