Residents Of Ho Apprehensive About Separatist Group


Residents of Ho are apprehensive about the arson attack on two-state buses operated by the State Transport Corporation (STC) by unidentified gunmen purported to be members of the Western Togoland Restoration Front on Tuesday.

The group last Friday blocked the main entry and exit roads in the southern sector of the region, causing vehicular traffic and frustrating road users and passengers.

The majority of the residents, however, disliked the activities of the group and called for ways to end the activities of the group.

Residents said the actions of the group were becoming unpredictable and appealed to security agencies, chiefs, and traditional authorities to fight the activities of the group.

Twin brothers, Atsu and Etse, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency after the arson attack, said they were unhappy about the activities of the Western Togoland group.

They appealed to President Akufo-Addo to handle the issue through dialogue with the leadership of the group.

Eben, a resident, urged the government to look into the matter so it did not degenerate into uncontrollable violence.

Mr Francis Awitty, a business centre operator, said he only heard about the activities of the group a week ago.

Emmanuel Tekper, a student, said the activities of the separatists were scary, adding that the group was bent on causing destruction when everyone wanted development.

He urged law enforcement agencies to arrest the culprits.

Meanwhile, Mr Prosper Pi-Bansah, the Ho Municipal Chief Executive, has called on the residents to remain calm while state security clamps down on the activities of the group.

He suggested security agencies-community collaboration in the sharing of information to give a headstart in dealing with the group’s destructive agenda and actions.