Contract Negligence Of Contractors Led To Agitations Against Ghana First Company Limited

Despite the unending noise and gargantuan threats of demonstration against Ghana First Company Limited, investigations have revealed that it is the contractors’ own negligence of their contracts with the company which has led to their unsubstantiated allegations against the company.

Following an agreement signed with the company in 2017 to undertake the construction of the public waste management facilities (toilets), the contractors after signing the documents seem to have thrown it under the bed.

The document which stipulates the terms of the contracts and how it must be carried out has been ignored by the contractors who have suddenly turned against the company for not paying them after completing 60% of their work, a call which appears untrue.

In a document sighted by, the contractors agreed to complete the project which is a Turn Key Project before they are paid fully for their jobs done.

However, strange as it may be, the contractors who are even yet to reach 60% of the project are now claiming payment for their jobs despite agreeing to complete the projects before getting their payments.

The document further revealed that the employer (Ghana First Company Limited) reserved the right to voluntarily pay the contractors if 60% of the project has been completed.

Clause 39 of the Conditions of Agreement stipulates that: “Without prejudice to Clause 5v of the contract agreement, the employer reserves the right to pay part of the total sum amounting to 60% of the quantum sum after collaborative site visits ad inspection is done by the employer (Ghana First Company Limited), the bankers and the contractor.” understands that almost all the contractors ignored the provisions of the contract document, went ahead and signed, and jumped into the field to commence work.

In another document of assessment by quantity surveyors, none of the contractors has been able to reach 60% completion of the project with the only company getting closer being Viason Limited in Asesewa in the Eastern Region with 59% completion.

It remains strange, however, that the contractors are demanding payment for 60% work done when in actual fact they have not executed the project to that level.

In a press statement by the company on 22nd August 2019 challenging any contractor with 60% of work done to present their contract certificates for their payments, within a five-working days ultimatum, no contractor showed up.

While the spokesperson of the contractors has chosen to run to the media to channel their grievances, questions keep popping up as to why they aren’t ready to respect the terms of their own contracts.


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