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Conspiring To Parade Ghana Into Political Violence; My Fear Of The Threat To Peace

It is really disheartening, annoying and outrageous to witness comedy in a country the world recognizes as peaceful. It is even more shameful that some see us a first class democratic state. Why then should such a country experience violence at a mere by-election?.

Before 2016 election, some macho men instead of using their brain to enhance their creativity and make inventions, rather workout on their bodies for politicians to use them as puppets for violence.
I get irritated at the circumstance and these calibers of people because of their ignorance that are used as walking sticks. I was terrified when Ayawaso by-election ended up in violence.

In fact many have lost confidence in Ghana Police Service, since they always work to please ruling political party when it comes to national issues. The peak of inequality supervisions from this Police Service will one day ends our country to a chaotic zone.

Those wearing political lenses speaks to favor themselves until the man of integrity condemns such barbaric actions by the police Service.

The only Solomon in Ghana politics is Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, he has proven to be a true patriot who truly bare every citizen at heart. People like that should be given the nod to lead Ghana not those who are baptized with their party pool and keeps blind of diabolic, unethical and outrageous behaviors.

Ghana has now metamorphosed to a murder zone, where if one speaks against corruption, he may be rewarded with murder and or the best brutalized. A country where Police service as a neutral entity leads criminals to operate. Aah baa!! Was this the country Nkrumah fought for its freedom? If this is what he intended, I don’t think he would have fought for our independence. Countries that are experiencing war started this way and with the preponderance of prime evidence at Ayawaso West Wuogon, we don’t need Octopus to tell us recent actions with its rebuttable comments from diverse political leaders clearly states there is conspiracy to parade our peaceful country to war.

It was a very obnoxious scene. When this hoodlum invisible forces of NPP; the current governing political party were vehicles of Senior Police Officers and national security capos.
It is even more annoying and disgusting when communicators of NPP rebut that they are operatives of national security.
My question is, when did National security start wearing earrings and growing long beard?
Its painful aspect is those hoodlums were allowed to carry deadly weapons. Who gave them these weapons?
I don’t believe in armed resistance because it perpetuates the belief that whoever aims best, maintains the power. This doesn’t do anything for democracy which exists in our country today. Non violence signifies a positive action.
Fighting for social change without resorting to violence is one of the greatest challenges that dreamers encounter, idealists who really want this world to be a better place.
I vehemently opposed to the ideology of cynics that it is impossible to live in peace, such message doesn’t belong to men and women who have a real understanding of humanity.

Chairman Ofosu Ampofo, elder one! Why conspiracies, because of desperation for political power you want create unpeaceful environment to demonized the current administration to score points for votes.

I don’t want to speak much about this purported tape but leave everything to the police since they are supposed to proof to the Court to substantiate that truly you said so.
Let’s bear in mind that, any decisions we make today can have a dire consequences on us and our lineage in future.
We shouldn’t be desperate for power to the extent that we forget the God we worship.
When people are moved primarily by convictions and principles they think of the other people who will be affected by their actions. A fanatic doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions but acts only in relation to his radical ideas, hence we need to be careful of such fanaticism.

For the violence that happens at Ayawaso West Wuogon, we leave the rest to Emily Short Commission after forensic Enquiries. We are all looking for justice as prayed by a victim and assurance by the Chairman is to bring justice.

I know I have become subject of ridicule by my families, friends, cohort and those who intellectually opposed me all because of my social advocacy for justice and peace. As I always say “I am not a spectator but I am citizen not to slander, defame or libel but to adorn something to advantages”. I always keep this intelligent quote in my mind; ” if peace means keeping my mouth shut in the midst of injustice and evil, I don’t want it. If peace means a willingness to be exploited economically, dominated politically, humiliated and segregated, I don’t want peace”~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr.

Political violence which is mediocre perpetrated by people or governments to achieve political goals is now being friendly by desperate leaders.
I am not campaigning for domestic violence but what is transcending speaks to our hearing that there can be violence if things are not put in order to avert such conspiracies.
I was demoralized after watching “Militia in the heart of the nation ” showed on Joynews. Where NPP Militias trained at Osu Castle to face the nation coming 2020.

So it means the Military, Police Service, CIDs, etc are no enough? Why would you train these hoodlums?
These people need to face the the great “Sanhedrin” for such conspiracy to commit crime.
Mr President, I always give you a warm of applause after listening to your speeches but it seems you speak to deceive Ghanaians. You behave ironically towards what you speak against.

Perhaps the distinction between right and wrong seems too obvious to us, to merit systematic attention. But I want to suggest that, while critical appraisals of bad things (violence) we are against may come easily to us, because of political militias rampaging in our country, it is much harder to say with precision what we are for. That is why this veracious opinion from my desk aims to set out some basic parameters of normative analysis.

Many of us read the 2016 NPP Manifesto at page 147 para 2 ” The NPP Government will secure peace and security for all Ghanaians. Under the NPP Government, Ghanaians will feel safe on the streets and in their homes. Ghanaians will go about their daily business in the secure knowledge that their persons, properties and lives are safe under an NPP Government” and voted massively for NADAA since the economy and it’s security was at stake. But today, oow! the current government is rebranding terrorist group “DE-EYE”.

I want to state unequivocally that, we are gradually losing hope in this current government led my NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO ADDO since the lies are mammoth or is it because the elephant is the symbolic of “mammoth”?

Recently Togolese lauded you for restoring peace in their country but see your country, you are creating the avenue for conflict and who do you want to come spread peace for us as you are preaching peace for others?

You preach to disband vigilantism to blindfold your opponent not knowing you are secretly fueling your “militias”.
Mr President, truly you are competent in deed but your competency is seen in lies. Nana no one hate you oo! But we hate your hypocrisy since it sends insults to our spines.
How can you restore peace in someone’s home and be planting hatred amongst your residuals.
“Outside gentility home crying”

Mr. President, you are gradually soiling your own reputation to the estimation of right thinking members in the entire nation. Hence let’s see you walking the talk of peace and disbanding the purported “Militia” group created from your lacuna.
To all Opinion leaders;
If you are a leader ask yourself, what environment are you creating for your followers today?
As George Roche III said “The future is taking shape now in our own beliefs and in the courage of our leaders”. So the belief you are nurturing today will be judged by posterity.

It is not late, to avert future political violence, let’s see the militia dismantling now to see how serious the government is willingly to create peaceful nation.

My humble plea to NPP and NDC is, if truly they want peace to continue existing in our country, then let’s see them disbanding their party militias now.
As the Anonymous says “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”.

Let’s all disseminate this hashtag



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