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National Security, Congratulations!

National Security operatives are reported to have intercepted conversations between three foreigners and some important personalities in the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The foreigners, two Ukrainians and a Greek, have been identified as Viktoriia Kryvtska, Vasilieos Stoumpos and Vasileias Marios Blanas.

They were alleged to have been contracted by the NDC to intercept government official communications through means such as e-mail, WhatsApp and telephones, something which is illegal in Ghana.

So far, 21 high profile officials of the current administration are reported to have been victims of such diabolical deals initiated by the opposition NDC.

The main aim of the NDC is to use the secret communications extracted by the foreigners in its propaganda against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government in the 2020 elections.

The Chronicle is left with nothing but to congratulate National Security for its eagle-eyed efforts at detecting such a sophisticated mode of a fiendish plan.

But for it is vigilance, some Ghanaians might have been forced to swallow the stinking and toxic propaganda stuff which might inure to NDC’s advantage during its 2020 election campaign.

The paper, is, indeed, at a complete loss to understand why the NDC seems to strongly think God has ordained it to rule the country till thy kingdom come. Is the NDC not behaving like the proverbial dog in a manger? It spent many years at the Presidency, but the economy continued to deteriorate till the arrival of a visionary leader. Yet, still, it does not want to give way to a competent leader.

The NDC has realised that this administration is performing well, and that its flagbearer has not a dog’s chance of becoming victorious in the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, hence, the diabolical plans it continues to hatch on a daily basis.

During elections, contesting parties campaign on their manifestoes – what they will do to improve their countries’ economy to enable their people enjoy better living conditions. It, therefore, beats rationale thinking why the NDC does not want to campaign on its manifesto to achieve victory, but rather chooses to use satanic routes to arrive at its desired destination – victory – in the 2020 Elections.

It looks like the NDC, like other observers, believes it has nothing to offer, judging by the unprecedented performance of the NPP government, hence, its desperation to find ways and means to win the election, an impossible destination to achieve today, or tomorrow.

The Chronicle urges all Ghanaians to be vigilant to help our National Security in its arduous task of protecting the country from political louts, who think, erroneously though, that without them, there would be no Ghana on the global map.

Once again, the paper congratulates the National Security operatives and wishes them celestial protection and guidance. They should continue to be extra vigilant against a political grouping extremely hungry for political power.

Source: Peacefm

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