Sammy Ayeh writes,

I have taken note of a story published by ‘’ with the caption ‘’DAMANGO YOUTH BOYCOTTS YOUTH IN FORESTRY PROGRAM’’
In the publication , youth on the said program threatened to bring an end to their involvement in the program above due to unreasonably low salaries after lofty but empty promises were propagated by the Akuffo Addo -led administration.

A lot of mixed feelings were attached to this story when I heard it . Mixed feelings I mean, I was enthralled because once again His excellency the next president of Ghana , John Dramanj Mahama has been vindicated and I was sad at the same time seeing the ordinary Ghanaian victimized because of hastily implemented politically engineered program brought out all because of cheap political parochial gains.

When prez Mahama was building hospitals just to talk of a few the Ridge hospital, the University of Ghana medical center , the university of development studies medical center for the medical school, the 37 military hospital in Ashanti region , numerous poly clinics , people were all over the place chastising him for ‘supposedly’ over spending government’s money.

People castigated him for building schools

Little did they know that these hospitals and health facilities together with schools were going to provide PERMANENT employment for thousands of average Ghanaians ranging from doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, radiographers, health assistant clinicians, administrators, accountants, ancillary workers, cleaners , teachers, drivers, food vendors and what have you?

Now this current government lied their way into power and currently giving jobs on contract bases( when the contract ends, you will be forced to leave )

….I want to ask discerning Ghanaians, is this what we want?

… I want to intellectually stimulate your thoughts , do we have a future under this government?

…. The Ghanaian will be the better judge

Sammy Ayeh

TEIN communications officer elect

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