I go through depression too – Reggie Rockstone reveals


The grandpa of Ghanaian hiplife music, Reggie Rockstone, has revealed that he sometimes goes through depression when he sees children suffering.

Interviewed over the phone by Dr. Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra, he shared:

“I get depressed when I see children not living their life. When children are suffering, that does something to my heart and that is why during these Corona times, we’ve been feeding a lot of street children with my Rock’s waakye which is now the talk of town “, he said.

Reggie Rockstone revealed that with his waakye, his team, together with Father Campbell, and himself feed as much as 150 and sometimes 200 children daily.

Rockstone furthered that, “If you visit my Instagram page, you will see the work that I have been doing. In fact, it’s been a very beautiful story because I own three pubs and with the break of the Coronavirus and the ban on social gatherings, work wasn’t standing so well”.

According to him, it is only by God’s grace that his waakye has become the talk of town, with people from all over the world ordering hundreds of packs to give out during these Covid-19 times.

“It was only recently that my brother Shatta Wale was mocking me that I sell waakye but all of a sudden, something ugly has been turned to gold”, said the hiplife legend.