EC: limited registration exercise in Ashaiman

The exercise by the Electoral Commission is meant to enable citizens who have turned 18 and new registrants to have their names registered for the 2020 election.

The registration, which spans over two weeks, is expected to end on Sunday July 7.

Mr Stephen Reynolds, District Electoral Officer of the Commission for the Ashaiman District, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the exercise is proceeding smoothly despite the rains over the week.

He said although there were some few network challenges on the first day the exercise over the period has been successful.

Mr Reynolds said all the four Registration Centres worked effectively without any physical or technical challenges despite the large numbers that flooded the centres each day from all the 17 electoral areas within the District.

“The exercise starts as early as 7am and closes by 6pm each day; we are able to serve all those who report each day within this stipulated time.”

“People begin to queue from 7pm toward the next day’s registration,” he said.

Mr Reynolds said that so far there had not been any incidence of foreigners trying to register or any form of inappropriate incidence in the District.

He said that the exercise was not meant to replace missing cards and that those with such challenges had to wait for the EC to fix another time to attend to their challenges.

“If your card is missing don’t register otherwise the system will record it as double registration and your name shall be taken off the voters register,” he said.

He advised that the registrants who did not have the required identity cards for the registration to come along with two relatives who were qualified to serve as guarantors.

Ms Alidu Kawsar, a 22-year old, who had just acquired her voters ID card told GNA that she came at about 0800hrs and the process was quite a simple one which took her about 10 minutes to go through.

“I have desired to have this card since I turned 18 years; am happy I will be voting for the first time next year, she said.”

The Police were present to ensure good security and the smooth running of the exercise, and representatives of the various political parties were also on the ground to observe the exercise.

Source: GNA

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