WR DVLA Introduces Queue Management System To Avoid Infection

The Western Regional office of the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) has introduced a queue management system to stop crowding which characterized their activities.

The introduction according to Mr. Emmanuel Narh, Regional Director of DVLA, was to minimize the risk of contracting and or spreading the coronavirus infection at the premises.

He said since the DVLA was also a home for many insurance companies, there was the need for management to introduce the strategic measure in preparation of any unforeseen challenges.

The Regional Director said the management of queues coupled with social distancing had further enhanced compliance with the physical distancing protocols at the office.

Mr Narh said sitting arrangements at their client waiting room was structured such that a meter distance is observed between clients.

Meanwhile, Veronica buckets with soaps and tissue papers have been placed at the entrance of the premises, including; the insurance providers, and other retail shops.

Mr Narh said, “We are fully aware of the risk associated with our operations as a transport service provider and have therefore put in place strict measures to curtail any such events”.



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