Clubs should benefit from incoming FIFA cash – Joseph Yamin


Former deputy minister for Youth, Sports, and Culture, Joseph Yamin has emphasized that the Ghana Football Association (GFA) must ensure clubs benefit from the incoming FIFA relief fund.

In a bid to mitigate the financial burden caused as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, FIFA is distributing money to all of its member states with the Ghana FA expected to benefit $500,000.

Even before the money hits the account of the country’s football governing body, they have stressed that the money is for operational purposes as they give an indication that it is likely clubs will not get anything from it.

Speaking to Space FM today, Joseph Yamin says he is surprised the FA has taken such a stance. According to him, the clubs are the reason why the association exists, and hence they should benefit if such an amount is coming from FIFA.

“I am very surprised at Kurt Okraku the GFA President for saying that, the $500,000 from FIFA would be used to pay debts owed by the GFA instead of giving it to the clubs.

“Without the Associations and Federations, FIFA is nothing and the same thing applies to the GFA, without the Clubs the FA is nothing”, Joseph Yamin said.

The former Deputy Sports Minister added, “The FA can hold on with the settlement of their debts and come to the survival of the clubs first.

“If there is any money coming to the FA, the clubs should be the first point of call. Can the league be played without the clubs?.