Ghanaians applaud budgetary allocations without scrutiny – Randy Abbey


Dr Randy Abbey, host of Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV, has stated that Ghanaians always applaud budgetary allocations by various political administrations without tracking the disbursements of funds.

He said, when the Finance Minister reads the budget and allocate a certain amount to a particular sector, all that the Ghanaian will do is to compare the amount to the previous administration allocated to that sector and decide to offer praises or criticisms without looking at how best the amount will be disbursed.

Dr Abbey said at the end of the day it will emerge that “even in the fourth quarter five per cent of what was allocated in the budget has not even been released”.

“People do not even track and say that in 2007, you said you were going to give a certain amount to this sector, you come to tell us what you are going to do in 2008…in 2007 how much of what you said you will do for that sector did you do and why were you not able to do that,” he said on “The KSM Show” on Metro TV [Friday, May 1, 2020].

He added that all the time the appropriations excite the Ghanaian and not the implementation or tracking of the budgetary allocations.

Dr Randy Abbey indicated further that in pursuit of power, politicians know what must be done but why they do not do what they know must be done and do not do “is a million-dollar question” that needs to be answered.

He said, this can be measured when a party is in opposition… “they are very analytical, say all the right things, striking all the right chords and when they get the power, it becomes a different kind of thing”.