Tube Trains And Buses Are STILL Rammed On Day One Of Britains Shutdown

Unions today called for police to guard all major stations and check ID to ensure only coronavirus key workers are travelling amid chaotic scenes in the capital where ‘health hazard’ trains were rammed despite the unprecedented lockdown of British society.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has sparked anger as he blamed commuters for flouting a ban on ‘all non-essential travel’ and said they must avoid rush hour ‘to save lives’ – but said he didn’t have enough staff to increase services and maintain any semblance of social distancing on public transport.

But confusion over who qualifies as a key worker, especially among London’s army of builders, means most had no choice but to ride the packed trains and run the terrifying risk of catching coronavirus so they could get to work.

Hours after Boris Johnson said almost all Britons should should stay at home in the most draconian shutdown in modern history, people were nose-to-nose on the Tube, trains and buses despite being told to be two metres apart to avoid catching coronavirus, which has claimed 335 lives so far.

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