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Education Minister clears air on reposting Degree Teachers

A few days ago, senior high school teachers received a letter from the Ghana Education Service (GES) which stated that they should be reposted if they hold a degree earned through distance education or sandwich.

The letter, according to the Education Ministry, did not sit well with many teachers who explained that earning a degree through distance learning or sandwich is not a good enough basis for getting a repost to basic school.

The Ministry of Education, which faced backlash from the teachers, has come out to clarify its position in a press release, explaining no policy disqualifies teachers who earned their certificates through distance learning.

“However, the official position is that a degree in Early Childhood Education or Basic Education whether through Sandwich or Campus programs, does not constitute eligibility to teach at a Senior High School,” the Ministry explained.

“Over the years the impression has been created that any degree qualifies one to teach at the Senior High school even if the degree (such as Early Childhood or Basic Education) is tailored for teaching at the Kindergarten or primary levels. That is not accurate,” the Education Ministry added in a statement.

The statement signed by the Public Relations Officer, Ekow Vincent Assafuah, stated in addition to meeting other requirements set by National Teaching Council and GES teachers with degrees in a subject area, whether through Distance or campus program, qualifies to teach in the Senior High School.

Read the full statement below:


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