IPAC is just an advisory body; we’re not required to do what they say – EC

Acting Director of Public Affairs of the Electoral Commission (EC), Sylvia Annoh, has expressed concerns about various attempts by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to interfere in their work.

According to her, the opposition party is always trying to impose their “ought to” situations on the commission.

She urged the NDC to leave the commission be and try not to get involved in their mandate but rather focus on their advisory services.

In an interview on Happy 98.9 FM’s Happy Morning Show with Samuel Eshun, the EC spokesperson said, “If it is advice, yes, you can give that to the EC as a political party and member of IPAC but, you can’t tell the commission what it should do”.

Madam Sylvia who was obviously disapproving of the NDC’s increasing pressure on the commission to tow its [NDC’s] line asked, “there are over 25 political parties in the country which advice the EC and why is the NDC being insistent we work with theirs?”

She noted with clarity that if the commission started working with the advice of a single party, that would not be in the interest of the nation.

Pointing out the independence of the EC, she asserted that ” regardless of the EC’s independence they still function within the confines of the constitution.” And will continue about its duties so far as they were lawful.

“The EC is being reasonable, seeking advice from the its stakeholders and has done so since 1992. But that doesn’t require us to implement these pieces of advice if it’ll affect our work. Especially if it is from a single political party,” she reiterated.

The EC spokesperson disclosed that the commission was still sticking to its timetable and is “praying for the COVID-19” curve to flatten more for them to execute their mandate.

The Electoral Commission believes comments made by Minority Leader, Hon Haruna Iddrisu, during a press conference held on 7th May, 2020 sought to attack the integrity and mandate of Electoral Commission.

Haruna Iddrisu is reported to have registered the displeasure of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the management of the COVID- 19 pandemic by the Commission in the performance of its official duties, as well as its unchanged stance to compile a new voters’ register with a new Voter Management System

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