COVID-19 Ghanaians Urged To Adopt Gut Health To Strengthen The Immune System


Ghanaians have been urged to accept and adopt the regulatory immunity, which is the new science of immune health against flu infections, including the coronavirus.

The Gut Microbiome International Trust Ghana (GMIT-Ghana), an NGO leading advocacy in the area of gut health education, which made the call, said the gut microbiome was the actual foundation of the immune system as it housed 80 percent the immune health of persons.

Mr Nyaaba Aweeba Azongo, Chief Executive of GMIT-Ghana, told the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi, that regulatory immunity was having balanced microbes in the gut to have a healthy immune response which did not damage the lungs and other organs, including the brain.

He said the science of immune health had advanced beyond boosting the immune system to immune regulation (Immunomodulation).

This was because an underactive immune system was as dangerous as an overactive immune system.

“The newly discovered regulatory immune system, the Gut Microbiome is now considered key to respiratory health against flu infections, including the novel coronavirus and the health of all human organs”, he told the GNA.

Mr Azongo pointed out that whilst fibre rich fruits and vegetables were good for gut health, finding a clinically tested prebiotic gut supplementation was an effective complement in a comprehensive approach to immune health.

He said GMIT-Ghana was a pioneer non-governmental organization in sub-Saharan Africa which was currently leading advocacy in education and inculcating the culture of gut health as a containment measure not only against COVID-19 but also emerging anti-microbial resistance.