Kofi Manu accuses Kurt Okraku of being ungrateful to Kwesi Nyantakyi


Experienced football administrator, Kofi Manu has accused Kurt Okraku of being ungrateful to Kwesi Nyantakyi after winning the Ghana Football Association (GFA) presidential elections.

The former vice-chairman of the Player Status Committee made the utterance after implying that Kurt Okraku received help from the formal GFA boss whom he visited on the eve of the elections.

“Ask Kurt Okraku where he was around 3am on the eve of GFA elections. He was in Nyantakyi’s house”, Kofi Manu revealed while speaking to Vision 1 FM.

He continued, “Kurt has been ungrateful to Kwasi Nyantakyi. But I know why he is doing that, it’s not his fault because he is at a tight corner”.

Kofi Manu further shared that Kurt Okraku is not a bad leader but his problem is that he has surrounded himself with bad people.