NGO Cries Over Import Duties On Items For Donation

MediHelp west-flanders, an NGO that is committed to providing health support to neglected regions in West Africa has voiced out its concerns over the high rate of import duties on their items for donation.

MediHelp has acquired from Europe over 30 fully equipped hospital beds , over 20 wheel chairs , 75 boxes of clothes, 25 pieces of walking aids and and a host of other equipments in a 40feet container.

All the necessary and required documentation has been done and completed yet the glaring stumbling block in their spirited effort to offer aid is the import bill and port charges.

Mr. Frank Agyeman Prempeh, the West African Coordinator for MediHelp management has made strenuous effort to ensure the equipment is brought down to help the underprivileged with dispatch.

They are however confronted with a deep-seated bureaucratic processes that is reducing morale of people who are ready to help. “It is a worrying phenomenon that our system does not favor and actually discourages donors with a genuine mindset to help”, he said.

MediHelp and its management make a passionate appeal to the Ghanaian leadership to reconsider and make the system friendly to allow the organization offer the much needed aid to many citizens who lack basic health needs.

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