Ghana is now a concert nation – Odike weeps over current happenings

Bankroller and founder of the United Front Party (UFP), Akwasi Addai Odike has described Ghana as a ‘concert’ nation owing to the fact its leadership has mishandled the country’s natural resources.

According to him, the Parliament of Ghana appears impotent in making strict legislation to protect the country against foreign companies that extract most of its natural resources.

During a studio discussion on Kumasi based Nhyira FM monitored by, Mr. Odike chided lawmakers of the country saying Ghana is a concert nation”.

“Ghana has many oil blocks. Why should parliament sit down for government formed by political parties to make its own negotiations? By now, parliament should have passed legislation that any investor who is not ready to offer 40% of the revenue to Ghana won’t be allowed”. He suggested.

He continued that because of selfishness and greed by members of the two parties (NDC, NPP) they have ignored good negotiations and allowed the country to suffer.

“Resources that belong to all Ghanaians have no proper regulations governing them,” Odike said adding that political parties have become negotiators for the country keeping all the money to themselves.

“Few people are now enjoying while the masses suffer. Don’t you think God will whip us? We deserve to be beaten by God”. He suggested.

The businessman is at a loss as to why since 1897 when the Obuasi Gold Mines has established a road to the city is still in its poorest state.

It is an open secret that in Ghana most cities and villages where natural resources are extracted are left in abject poverty and what is worse is the case residents of these communities neither have potable water nor tarred road to transport their goods to the market centres.

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