Rodents feed on my students’ legs, ears – KSTI Headmaster reveals


The Headmaster of the Kumasi Secondary Technical Institute (KSTI), Mr Haruna Oppong Boateng, has revealed that aside contending with bedbugs in his schools, the student population of over 5,000 also have to endure the bites of rodents, mostly mice.

He said these rodents feed on the legs and ears of his students, a situation he described as unfortunate. Mr Boateng made this known to the DAILY HERITAGE when the Zoomlion fumigation team stormed the school, as part of the nationwide exercise, to fumigate senior high schools (SHSs) to rid them of bedbugs, rodents and viruses.

“We have a lot of rats here and they chew my students’ legs, and sometimes their ears. Ever since I came here, I have seen a lot of rodents in school. If you take a look at the school, we don’t have a big compound; for that reason, our sanitation situation wasn’t the best.

“And you know, wherever a refuse dump is, it breeds rodents…and that is exactly the situation that we find ourselves in. So where the containers and where we dispose of our refuse are close to the school area and for that reason, those rodents who feed over there come to the dormitory to harass our students,” the headmaster stated.

He further said, “we take the students who are bitten by the mice to our sick bays and they are treated there”. He said the school had a population of 5,080 half of which are boarders.

Zoomlion Intervention Massive

Touching on the fumigation exercise targeted at bedbugs, Mr Boateng said, “We have a similar challenge like other schools. That is why I said that in addition to the bedbugs, rodents invade our schools because of the nearness of our school compound to the refuse dump.

“The bedbugs are also a challenge to us and we don’t leave them just like that; we regularly disinfect our dormitories.”

The headmaster described the exercise being carried out by Zoomlion as “massive,” since “it covers the dormitories, the classrooms, the dining hall, the offices and the rest”.

According to him, “even some of the bedbugs find their way into our offices, but because of what Zoomlion has done, they will be done away with, so it will take a very long time for them to come again.”

Our students will fade if…

While proposing what should be done to get students back to the classroom, the headmaster suggested that the GES should consider allowing students back to school in batches.

“The students cannot be allowed to stay home forever, else they will fade away. We are saying that in case the Ghana Education Services wants to reopen the schools, they (students) should come in batches.