Sista Afia is not a deep thinker, she can’t even write well – Eno Barony


Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony has descended on Sista Afia again.

Speaking in an interview with Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’, Eno Barony said Sista Afia is not a deep thinker that was the reason why she questioned whether she is a rapper.

She argued it takes a deep thinker to know who a good rapper is.

The Rap Goddess was also skeptical about the writing capability of Sista Afia.

Eno, who worked with Sista Afia on her ‘D33d3w’ song, stated there is no way the latter can hit her with any lyrical punch.

After releasing a couple of songs classified as diss songs, Eno Barony claimed they are not beefing, but everybody is releasing songs.

She emphasized that she is not beefing anyone in the industry. Though she claims they are not beefing, Sista Afia’s latest song ‘U Got Nerves’ appears to be a huge punch targeted at her and others.

However, Eno Barony averred she won’t spare anyone who will look down on her persona.

To all those who want to battle with Eno, she says she has passed the level of rap battles.