Local masks manufacturers must meet safety standards – FDA


The Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA) Ghana, has underlined the need for the homemade face mask manufacturers to adhere to safety standards to ensure that their products are safe for usage.

They should see to it that production staff dressed appropriately, covered their nose, washed and regularly sanitized hands before sewing. The tools must also be disinfected.

Mrs. Delesse A. A. Darko, speaking at a media briefing to provide an update on the situation of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country, said the masks needed to be free from contamination.

She reminded the manufacturers to make sure that stuck to the approved fabric. She announced that the FDA had so far approved 41 companies to manufacture face masks and shields, across the name to enable everybody to have access to recommended protective gear.

They had met with the Garments Association to share the right information on the requirements for sewing a mask.

She said the masks sewn should allow people to breathe comfortably through them, adding that, “when you wear a good mask, you can wear it for hours and can still breath”.

The FDA recommends that the mask should be made out of plain fabric and the fabric used should be cotton or any cotton derivative like calico. Mrs. Darko said it was advisable to have the mask pleated to enable it to cover every part from the nose to the chin.

The reason for the recommended three-layered, was to slow the rate at which particles could be transferred from one person to the other.