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Dear Single Sisters In Christ

Dear single sisters-in-christ,

Immediately after Church service you will just pack your bible and be rushing home, you will not give a brother a chance to talk to you.

After all these, you will be praying to marry in December. So is it Angel Gabriel that will come and woo you in the spirit? I wonder what you kept in that your house. A brother will be eyeing you at church, hoping for an opportunity to come over and introduce himself, but before they share the grace in fellowship, ‘fuuuuuuuuumm🏃’ you have disappeared with your high heels👠👠. Stop behaving like that sister, it’s not good o, that is one of the evidence of delay.

Atleast stay a while after service, say your thanksgiving prayer silently and sit down small, wave and smile at the folks you know and exchange hellos and His, how will that harm you?

You think all those fine suits and sleek texudos these brothers wear in the Lord don’t have a purpose eh?

You cannot even wait small and notice their new shoes…mtcheeeww. Every time they try to get close to you, you’ll be acting all serious and be scaring somebody, as if it’s only you the preaching has touched.
If you like run home next week sunday too…kyerɛ!

From a Concerned Brother-In-Christ


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