Charterhouse destroyed Ghana comedy – DKB implies

Ghanaian comedian, DKB has blamed Charterhouse for the woes of Ghana comedy, adding that Charterhouse is the reason he doesn’t own a house.

In an interview with colleague comedian Foster Romanus host of the ‘Late Nite Celebrity Show’ on e.TV Ghana, DKB said:

‘’It’s all about perception, they destroyed our perception from 2009 to 2014. The fact that our perception has been tarnished, made us lose out on several investment opportunities and ambassadorial deals. This person is not funny; we have dropped this person; after 2014, these utterances couldn’t come again because I had broken the jinx and several other young comedians came through’’ he said.

According to the comedian, the damage caused to comedians in Ghana is so far-reaching that Charterhouse has to pay reparations.

‘’The damage they caused us is so huge, when you say something about someone repeatedly it becomes believable. Their PRO said Ghanaian comedians have no future and value. You say this on radio and it is published online. Charterhouse owes us reparations’’ he said.

When the host of the ‘Late Nite Celebrity Show’ reminded him that his first major break was given to him by Charterhouse, he answered. ‘’You destroy my perception and put me on your platform means nothing. My perception is my motherboard; the motherboard is like my parents. You kill my parents and pay my fees for a month; what have you done’’ he quizzed.

He also spoke about David Oscar, the Kofi Abotsi saga and the subsequent beef between himself and David Oscar.

‘’They dropped David Oscar and he took them on, I supported the cause because it was for the industry. However, David Oscar saying I was Kofi Abotsi which I wasn’t because I actually thought Kofi Abotsi was a real person I didn’t know he was an alter ego. I really don’t understand Charterhouse, you crown someone winner of your comedy talent show and turn round to say he is not funny. Are you saying Charterhouse is not a legitimate outfit to organise talent shows’’ he queried.

To drive home his point, DKB asked the host of the ‘Late Nite Celebrity Show’ Foster Romanus if he will invest in a company setup by Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM 1).

‘’If NAM 1 comes back as ‘Menzdiamond’ will you invest in that new entity? No even if he pays all those who invested in ‘Menzgold’ because there is a perception out there of who he is so you won’t do business with him’’ he said.

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