Wutah Will Never Get Together Again-Arnold Asamoah Baidoo Bursts Ghanaians Bubble


Entertainment Journalist, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo says hiplife duo, Wutah, will never come back together as a music group and that Ghanaians should leave them alone.

Speaking on ”Entertainment Review” on Peace FM, Arnold argued that the two musicians are grown adults and if they have decided to go their separate journeys, it is incumbent on all Ghanaian music lovers to respect their decision.

Wutah has over the years entertained lots of Ghanaians with their hit songs and even till today, their songs still feel fresh in the minds of Ghanaians.

But the once vibrant music group is now a pale shadow of their former self as they have unsuccessfully made any hits, although they are pursuing their solo careers.

It is not so clear what the problem of Wutah is to have merited their separation but reports have it that the main problem is Wutah Afriyie, who is said to feel superior to his brother Kobby.

Wutah Afriyie is accused of thinking he is the one who made the group achieve its successes because of his nice powerful and captivating voice that runs through their music.

However, there are some music lovers who hope to see a Wutah reunion that will last for a lifetime.

To Arnold, such is a mere wishful thinking that could only have its place in the world of fantasy.

According to him, there will never be a Wutah reunion but rather what he believes Ghanaians can do for the two musicians is to support their solo careers.

He stated categorically that the Wutah brothers can still make it without each other but they need the necessary push and booster to climb the zenith of success in their solo music careers.

He added that Wutah is not the only music group that has disintegrated but there are the likes of others such as Nigerian music superstars Psquare, who despite being twins, have gone apart.

Arnold asked Ghanaians to get used to the new individual music pursuits of Wutah Afriyie and Kobby.