Ghana Employers’ Associations lauds invaluable role of workers

The Ghana Employers’ Association (GEA) has extended its warm felicitations to all workers on the occasion of the May Day celebrations in Ghana.

A statement signed by Mr Alex Frimpong, Chief Executive Officer of the GEA, which was made available to the Ghana News Agency, said the Association acknowledges the invaluable role and profound sacrifices made by workers towards the economic and social development of Ghana, and would therefore like to say “Ayekoo” to all Ghanaian workers.

It said this year’s May Day celebration was being held at a time when the world was witnessing the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a debilitating and pervasive impact on all countries across the globe.

It said the pandemic was impacting adversely on businesses, employers, workers and households worldwide and threatening the health and livelihoods of the citizenry in all sectors of our economy.

The statement said the sustainability of enterprises was at risk and the potential economic and social impact cannot be underestimated.

It said the GEA commends Government for the measures and actions taken thus far to prevent the spread of the disease and to assure all of the full support and cooperation of the Association in our collective obligation to rid the country of this pandemic.

It said the GEA indeed, appreciates the commitment, dedication and hard work of the front-line health workers in reinforcing the measures and protocols outlined by Government to combat COVID-19 in Ghana and accordingly deserve commendation.

“We have seen them work day and night, giving their best against all the odds to ensure that the virus is effectively contained and the lives of Ghanaians safeguarded,” the statement said.

“Undoubtedly, the disruptions caused by the pandemic to the global economy; therefore, requires rapid response measures by all stakeholders to revive our economy and businesses in order to sustain jobs”.

The statement said the GEA would like Government to lead in the development and implementation of a comprehensive Economic Response Strategy (ERS) to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It said this requires the development of stabilisation and stimulus packages for businesses and households to reduce the impact of the pandemic both in the crisis period and after the threat of the virus has been eliminated; adding that “also, Ghana depends largely on imports, which includes inputs for the production of most of our goods and services”.

It said the spread of the virus, has dampened global demand, which would in the coming months create supply chain shortages for businesses and employers in Ghana.

The statement said to help address this situation, GEA believes that there is the need to identify and support local firms that produce substitutes of the imported products to ensure continuity of production and consumption in the Ghanaian economy.

It said this in effect was one of the surest ways to assure continuous employment in the country.

It said given the enormity of the challenges facing the country, GEA urges constructive dialogue, consultations and negotiations among the key actors – businesses, Organized Labour and other bodies – to design and implement measures that balance the sustainability of enterprises, sustained employment, a safe and healthy citizenry and a resilient national economy.
It said behalf of all employers in Ghana; the GEA expresses its appreciation to all workers for their hard work and dedication to the social and economic development of the country in these challenging times.

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