Greater Accra alone has more coronavirus cases than Cameroon and these 11 African countries


Greater Accra is just a region in Ghana, but it has recorded more Coronavirus cases than over 12 African countries.

Since March 12, when the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) was first recorded in Ghana, the government has had to take a number of steps.

In a bid to ensure that the virus does not spread further, a partial lockdown was imposed, although it has since been lifted.

The ban on all social media gatherings is, however, still in full force as churches, night clubs, schools and others remain closed.

But despite all these efforts, Ghana’s COVID-19 cases continue to rise. The numbers have gone from rising weekly to rising every day.

And despite the Ghana Health Service’s declaration that the country has reached its peak, the daily increasing numbers suggest otherwise.

As of the time of writing this piece, Ghana’s total COVID-19 case count stands at 5,530, with 674 recoveries and 24 deaths.

Although the country has identified a number of epicenters, the Greater Accra region stands as the most affected.

The region houses 76% of the total number of infected patients, having recorded 4,204 COVID-19 cases.

The high numbers of the Greater Accra region mean that the region has now even surpassed some African countries.

In fact, if the Greater Accra region was a country, it would have recorded more COVID-19 cases than all of Ghana’s neighbouring countries.

Here are 12 African countries whose COVID-19 cases are surpassed by that of the Greater Accra region alone:

Greater Accra region – 4,204

Cameroon – 2,954

Guinea – 2,473

Senegal – 2,189

Cote d’Ivoire – 1,971

Sudan – 1,818

DR Congo – 1,242

Gabon – 1,104

Djibouti – 1,284

Tunisia – 1,032

Guinea-Bissau – 913

Burkina Faso – 773

Kenya – 758