We Want Constant Power Supply Even During Rains — John Jinapor

Former Deputy Minister of Energy in the erstwhile John Mahama government, John Jinapor is demanding sustainable and dependable power supply from the Power Distribution Services (PDS) which has taken over from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

According to him, Power Distribution Services (PDS) after taking over the power distribution work from Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) must ensure things are done differently from what the ECG did.

“PDS have to ensure we have sustainable power supply because any time it starts to rain, they will announce that due to the rain they will have to put the lights off at certain places. In a proper jurisdiction, it is not done like that,” he charged PDS.

He added that the second aspect of the work of PDS should be to tackle the economic side of power distribution as under ECG the country used to have a loss of about 21 percent; thus, PDS must reduce it to 12 percent.

“We have a lot of losses of about 21 percent and PDS must reduce them to 12 percent, and that will mean that it will be generating money into its account and that should translate into the benefit of the consumer,” he demanded.

He however reminded PDS to ensure there is no increment in tariffs as citizens will counter any increment; thus, it must rather reduce the tariffs.

“If PDS is coming in with increment of tariffs as PURC is saying then we should have maintained our ECG . . . They have to reduce to losses; out of every Ghc100 power which will pass through the system, we lose about Ghc21 and if PDS will reduce it and loss Ghc12 instead, then it means that you are making Ghc9 extra into your coffers,” he reiterated.


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