Mahama’s aide weeps over coronavirus insults


An aide to former President John Mahama, Joyce Bawah Mogtari, has had the ‘hell’ of a day, after scores of Ghanaians rained insults on her for questioning the sincerity of the Coronavirus recoveries figure released by the Ghana Health Service (GHS).

Ms Bawah Mogtari had in a tweet sought to ‘cheaply’ politicized the coronavirus recoveries data churned out by GHS yesterday evening, May 15.

She tweeted on Saturday, May 16, questioning the sincerity of the recoveries figures put out by Ghana Health Service.

GHS had given an update on the coronavirus situation in Ghana, reporting that the country has recorded 28 deaths, 1460 recoveries and 5,638 confirmed cases.

Joyce Bawah Mogtari a former deputy minister in the Mahama administration whose husband was the Chief Executive Officer of FDA under the same administration took to her Twitter handle to sarcastically question the recoveries figures, calling for proof of the figures.

“How the hell did 790 more people recover overnight!!” she exclaimed in her tweet.

“We need to put these numbers to strict proof!!” she says as if she was expecting infected people to die.
Unfortunately, when the figures for confirmed cases were rising she had no queries for that.

She had in a separate tweet sort to render Ghana’s Covid-19 tests figures insignificant, saying “numbers don’t mean anything if you don’t put them in proper context.”

But Ghanaians responded to her tweet, with insults, taking her to the cleaners.

Some described her comments as heartless, saying she was hoping for many people to die so the NDC can play cheap propaganda out of it.

“She wants more people to die so that her and uncle can finally get a campaign message,” one Twitter user, Osikani Afoakwa retweeted.

She later came back to complain about the serious question she had raised but was greeted with insults.

“When you raise serious questions about statistics and data they rain insults on you. God help us!!” she tweeted in response to the insults.

But even as she wept, another Ghanaian came to roast her again.

Lawrencia Entsuah, a Twitter user, responded to her tweet saying “only witches hate good news. Am waiting for the day you will test positive. Nonsense.”