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Rastafarians Unhappy with Ghana Police Service

The Rastafari Council of Ghana is accusing the Ghana Police Service of actions targeted against a peaceful demonstration to oppose the criminalisation of marijuana in Ghana.

The Council had originally scheduled today, Wednesday, 26 June 2019, to hold protest for the legalisation of cannabis after a failed attempt in April this year.

Countries like Canada, Uruguay and some parts of the US have legalised the possession and use of recreational cannabis, sparking a controversy about the importance of the substance.

Whilst some have explained the economic benefits of the narcotic drug, others have raised concerns about its health implications. The move by the Council to get government to consider its legalisation was halted by police.

Counsel for the group, George Tetteh Wayo, is accusing the police service of not following due process in getting the demonstration cancelled.

“I just had a call from my clients (Rastafari Council) that the police called them this morning and said there is a motion that they have filed which is coming off today (Wednesday),” he said.

He said the motion the police gave his clients “had no date and it was written there that the registrar will fix a date. It is irregular, I have never seen such a motion before”.


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