Coronavirus: We are not in competition – Gayheart Mensah advises businesses

Public Relations (PR) Personality, Gayheart Mensah has advised businesses to communicate well during this time of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in other to avoid being tagged as opportunist during and after the pandemic.

According to him, the world is going through hard times and it’s not prudent for businesses to go into competition.

In a webinar series on the topic, ‘Effective Marketing Communications during COVID-19’ organized by Global Media Alliance (GMA), the PR guru said: “The world is going through hard times and I don’t think businesses should go off going into a competition, we are not in competition during this era. Businesses must learn to communicate during this era especially when they are not linked to the contest, anxieties, concerns that people are experiencing”.

On sales promotion, Mr. Mensah said, “we need to be careful and it has to be done with sensitivity and balance. There are products whose services offer a lot of support in the context and those must be definitely be promoted, but it should be done sensitively in order not to sound insensitive and opportunistic”.

He added that in this era products have to be relevant, citing that people are in discomforts they want a lot of connivance and want a lot of access, so if your product and services are placed in such a way that it offers connivance and access people will definitely go for it.

Gayheart Mensah is a connoisseur of a strategic and concerted approach to Public Relations throughout a career that spans over 20 years. He has practiced Public Relations across four different industries – the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, and Telecommunications.

He is currently the Lead Consultant and CEO of KomsKraft Consult, a Public Relations & Communications Consultancy.

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