Wendy-Shay is a modest girl – Mark-Okraku-Mantey

Rufftown Records signee Wendy Shay’s head has been on the spike for days now all because of an answer she gave.

The Astalavista singer in an interview said although she does not know her network, she is now able to afford lots of things on her own and mentioned material things like iPhones amongst others. Ghanaians have been trolling her since because many feel her answer was dumb and out of place.

Entertainment critic Mark Okraku says he is all for Wendy on this one. According to him, Wendy is a modest girl trying to make a living hence the answer she gave was a deserving one.

“She is a modest girl who has just started life relatively. For her, it was like when I was 10 years and my bicycle.

Every stage and what it calls for so I am happy she is not trying to live and fake her appearances, this is what she has been able to do. She is not a slay queen”, Mark Okraku Mantey stated.


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