Aspirant MP for GUM Launches campaign manifesto (VIDEO)

Mr. Nicholas Tetteh, The parliamentary candidate for the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) in the Upper Manya Krobo Constituency of the Eastern region launched his campaign ahead of 2020 elections at Akanteng.

Mr. Nicholas has promised to build four factories which will contain over 5,000 workers in the Upper Manya Krobo Constituency when elected into office as MP.

Mr. Nicholas Tetteh, however, said he’s determined of winning the seat by 60% of the votes of electorates since the residents are fed up with the glamorous political parties, NPP and NDC.

He also stated clearly on printed material all his manifesto and said that he won’t go back on his promises.

Below is his manifesto

1. Training center for Artisans

2. A Technical and Vocational School.

3. An ICT Center.

4. There will be Several well-equipped health Centers within the district.

5.The District hospital will be upgraded in terms of facilities and the others.

6. All other health Centers within the will be equipped.

7. Teachers and workers in our remote area’s will be given special motivation and attention.

8. Four Factories will be set up within the district to reduce the unemployment rate which will automatically reduce the Crime rate.

9. One Strong premiership football team in the district.

10. All Our Market will be upgraded and modernized to a proper standard, that is the Asesewa Market, Akateng Market, The Tulaku Market at Akateng, the Sekesua Market, and the Akrusu Market.
We will also bring back the Bisa Market.

11. The Akateng Police station will begin to operate soon as we assumed Office. Also, The Otrokper Police Station will be given a facelift, and give Anyoboni Quarters Police Station. Asesewa, Akateng, Sekesua as well as Anyoboni Quarters will have modern public Toilets and Washroom facility. The Akateng Health Center will have a Washroom.

12. There will be a warehouse at our various major Markets.

13. We will ensure all our communities have good water and Electricity.

14. Construction of Roods.

15. The Premix fuel under my tenure will be sold fairly to the public.

16. Proper Network for all the surrounding communities.

17. Our children will have access to the security services, for instance, the Military, Police, Fire Service and etc.

18. Our Market women will be given a soft loan.

Source : GUM Media

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