Musician Guru Details Why Wutah Music Group Has Collapsed

Hiplife music duo, Wutah has over the years gone missing in Ghana’s music industry following their breakup.

Popularly called Wutah Afriyie and Kobby, the musicians have both gone solo but little to no attention has been drawn to their solo careers as Ghanaian music lovers wish for them to reunite.

The ”Big Dreams” hit makers were once the all-time favourite music group but today have become defunct with they not willing to come back again.

The story behind their separation has since been very scanty as it is difficult to know the actual reason for their conflict.

Musician and music producer, Guru has offered explanations to why Wutah is never coming back.

Speaking to host Ola Michael on Peace FM’s ”Entertainment Review”, Guru narrated how he once attempted to sign the group on his record label but ended up having to intervene in a fight between the Wutah brothers.

He stressed that that but for the timely intervention of himself and his record label team, the musicians would have ended up hurting themselves as they fought each other while signing the contract.

According to the musician, the Wutah brothers’ problem is about their egos; the fact that one feels superior to the other.

He stated that Wutah Afriyie, in particular, is the cause of all the confusion which has crippled the group.

He revealed that Afriyie feels he is the most talented and so looks down on Kobby, and the latter too can’t cope with Afriyie’s superiority complex, hence leading to their feud and eventual rift.

To Guru, there is no hope for a Wutah reunion unless the two musicians humble themselves, most especially Afriyie.


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