Suspension of public gathering remains in force – Accra Police


The Accra regional police command has reminded the people that the ban on public gathering remains in force, as part of the broader measures to enforce the social distancing protocol to contain and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency Monday, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Effiah Tenge, Head of Public Affairs Unit of Greater Regional Police Command, said social gathering tended to increase the risk of spreading the pandemic and therefore called on everybody to respect the ban.

She also urged the public to observe all coronavirus preventive protocols, including wearing of facemasks and regular hand washing with soap under running water to stem the spread on the pathogen.

Delivering his ninth address to the nation on measures taken to combat the spread of Coronavirus, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo extended the ban on public gathering, including religious activities, festivals and funerals till the end of May.

He said the closure of schools and the ban on public gathering had created a lot of inconvenience for many Ghanaians but “we have no option but to stay the course.”

DSP Tenge stressed, “All forms of public gathering – assembly or meeting at a public place for a common purpose, such as conferences; workshops, funerals, festivals, political rallies, sporting events and sporting clubs have been suspended.

“This is because public gathering significantly increases the risk of spreading the coronavirus disease so for the sake of everyone, people must be encouraged not to hold meetings or assemble.”

She added that the suspension covered private parties, night clubs, drinking spots, event centres and religious activities in churches, mosques, shrines and crusades as well as conventions, pilgrimages and other religious gatherings. The Police Spokesperson warned that the Police would arrest and prosecute persons who engaged in those activities and said, “the only exemption for public gathering under the law is a private burial, in which case the number of people involved should not exceed 25.”

“Let us be reminded that the social distancing protocol still applies for this exemption,” she added.

“The law stipulates one-metre spacing and that should be strictly observed at the private burial and all public places such as markets, supermarkets, banking halls, restaurants, chop bars etc. and any other place people meet.

“Same is advised in all Vehicles either private cars, trotro, buses, taxis, motorbikes. The one-metre minimum spacing must be observed.”

DSP Tenge encouraged the people to continue observing the COVID-19 preventive protocols including the wearing of masks, rigorous hand washing, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, avoid handshakes and covering mouth when sneezing among others.