Coronavirus: Infectious disease treatment facility will benefit all Ghanaians – John Taylor


The Executive Chairman of Surfline Communications, John Taylor, has expressed satisfaction at the pace of work on the construction of a 100-bed infectious disease isolation and treatment facility at the Ga East Hospital in Accra.

The project, spearheaded by the Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund, took off in the middle of April and is expected to be completed by the end of May. It will be used to treat those who become seriously ill after contracting Covid-19. When the pandemic is over, the facility will be used to patients with infectious diseases.

On a visit to the project site, Mr. Taylor, who is one of the Trustees of the Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund, observed that the facility is critical to government’s fight against the novel Coronavirus pandemic, pointing out that it would be beneficial to all Ghanaians.

He encouraged all those involved in the project to put in more effort to bring it to fruition within the shortest possible time.

“Thank you very much for this project that you’re working on. We very much appreciate the hard work that you’re putting in,” he told the workers on the project. “I hear someone hasn’t been home for 48 hours. For me this is for the benefit of all Ghanaians. So, if there is anything you can do to help, it’s for our own benefit, not for any third party.”

Mr. Taylor, who is also the founder of Woodfields Energy Resources, appealed to all well-meaning individuals and organisations to donate to the Covid-19 Private Sector Fund, so that the facility can be completed on schedule.

“Where diseases are concerned, they don’t care about where you belong,” he said. “We’re hoping others will contribute to the fund so that we can make this a success case for all Ghanaians.”

Mr. Taylor was accompanied on the tour by the Chief Executive Officer of the Bamson Group, Kwame Ofosu Bamfo, who is also one of the Trustees of the Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund.

Mr. Bamfo noted that the contributions and support received from all sectors of society for the project has revealed that Ghanaians care for each other and for their country.

“This shows what a determined Ghanaian can do,” Mr. Bamfo said.

The Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund is an initiative by private business people who set it up with a seed fund of One Million Ghana Cedis, while campaigning to raise at least One Hundred Million Ghana Cedis from local and international businesses as well as the general public to aid the fight against COVID-19 in Ghana.