StarTimes to start showing Journey to the West in Twi

StarTimes is set to entertain its cherished subscribers with season two of the famous Journey to the West TV series.

The Pay TV service provider in Africa seeks to offer a throwback special to older subscribers to reminisce all the childhood memories of the 1990’s and introduce the younger generation to some fun they missed out with the popular TV series in a local language.

StarTimes’ Ghanaian specific channel, Adepa TV would start airing the fun moments from the Monkey King on Tuesday June, 4 at 8pm.

Journey to the west is a Chinese folktale based on historical events of a monk’s 13 year travel or pilgrimage to the West.

The protagonists of the series are Shifu who is the Monk on the pilgrimage to the west, and his disciples whom he picks along the way Wukong, Bajie and Wujing.
Wukong as we all know appears as a playful and infantile monkey but has a very cunning mind. He owns a rod which weighs 17,550 pounds (Heavier than THOR’S Hammer) which he uses for his tricks and to protect his master Shifu on the pilgrimage.

Bajie or Pigsy is the greedy pig who lights up when he sees food.
It’s funny, it’s got a lot of action and interestingly it is in TWI.

Addressing the media on Thursday, Miss Akorfa Djankui – Head of marketing at StarTimes, revealed why Ghanaians should join the fun of the monkey king whilst taking up the opportunity to enjoy a new promo on board to existing subscribers.

“Whilst you prepare to watch the monkey king on the 4th June, StarTimes is offering you the opportunity to enjoy free subscription. Just pay two months subscription for the super bouquet now and enjoy 15 days of free viewing in addition to your purchase.”

“We have seen Indians, Nigerians and other non-Ghanaians speak Twi but have we ever imagined a monkey speaking TWI? No need to even imagine that now because Wukong is speaking TWI on StarTimes Adepa channel 247 starting Tuesday 4th June 2019 at 8pm.”

Adepa TV channel 247 also has plans to telecast the top rated Filipino TV series Asintado in Twi.
Asintado tells a story of two girls, Juliana and Katrina, who were separated by a fire that destroyed their home and took their parents’ lives, and the disaster turned them from sisters to strangers.

While Juliana decides to keep her name and identity, Katrina changes hers into Samantha Del Mundo. Years later, their worlds cross when Juliana coincidentally falls in love with Gael, Samantha’s ex-boyfriend.

Source: GNA

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