Coronavirus: Let’s tackle hunger together during this coronavirus lockdown – Senyo


The Executive Director of Africa Centre for Peace Building, Mr Korsi Senyo, has called for unity in tackling hunger in deprived localities to avoid endangering health status of the populace during the coronavirus lockdown period.

He appealed to citizens and leaders in Ghana and Africa at large to take practical steps to deal with hunger in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak in order not to plunge communities into another pandemic.

Mr Senyo, who is also the Project Coordinator of Ghana Covid-19 Relief Support, told the Ghana News Agency that, “We must unite to fight hunger during these COVID-19 crises, otherwise, hunger could be the next pandemic in Africa after Covid-19.”

He appealed to individuals and businesses to support the Africa Centre for Peace Building’s initiative – Ghana COVID-19 Relief Support Project, to complement efforts by government to stave off the coronavirus spread.

“The COVID-19 situation [COVID-19], which has brought about lockdowns and social distancing directives has devastating effects on households, especially those whose daily bread depended on daily movements,” he said.

“This has inspired my decisions to lead a team of volunteers to launch the Ghana COVID-19 Relief Support project (”

The project is spearheaded by the Africa Centre for Peace Building – a peace & security focused non-governmental organisation, which has been operating in Ghana for the past 10 years.

“Since the launch of the project, we have received some donations, which helped us to donate some food items to over 100 residents of Kasoa in the Central Region,” Mr Senyo said.

“As of today, we have over 1,000 people who have placed distressed calls for support. We also have some health centres in some villages in the COVID-19 positive regions who also called for support in the areas of PPE,” he added.
Ghana, since March 12, 2020 has reported 641 confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus, eight deaths and 17 recoveries.

In an attempt to contain the virus, Government has announced several measures including; partial lockdown in Kumasi and its contiguous areas, Accra, Tema and Kasoa as well as sharing of food to vulnerable people and in deprived localities.