Reverend Owusu Bempah Finally Reveals Why He Divorced His Wife And Others

We’ve all wondered why Ghanaian man of God, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah keeps marrying and then divorcing his wives.

Well, he has finally opened up on why he divorces every woman he marries.

The latest of his divorce was his wife with tundra ‘behind’ who allegedly took alcohol on the day of their marriage ceremony.

It came as a shock to the majority because it happened just some few months after their marriage.

The man of God explaining why he keeps marrying and then divorcing his wives to his congregation disclosed;

“It’s not good for anyone to divorce but divorce is like an accident. No one marries the enemy, it can happen to anybody. It is not right to mock someone who has gone through a divorce.

Divorce is not good but there is nowhere in the Bible which suggests that a pastor who goes through a divorce is not from God. There were great men of God who had marital issues and later divorced.

Before you criticize a man of God who has divorced his wife, find out the reason behind his decision”.


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