Referees chief Alex Kotey delighted by the arrival of ‘important’ communication gadgets


Referees manager Alex Kotey has expressed his delight in the arrival of the new communication gadgets for match officials in the Ghana Premier League.

The Ghana Football Association has acquired ten sets of new refereeing communication devices for match officials in the Premier League.

The gadgets, manufactured by French outfit, Vokkero, was received by the General Secretary of the Association Lawyer Prosper Harrisson Addo on last Thursday and will be handed to the refereeing department.

The communication devices are expected to aid referees in the delivery of their jobs in the top flight league, following years of the blame for poor performances.

“It will serve as the second, third and fourth eye,” he told Citi Sports. “It is a very critical tool in refereeing now that we are in the age of technology,” he added.

“Here in Ghana, we don’t have VAR so the most important tool is the communication gadget and it will help us a lot.”

These communication gadgets will be used by all four match officials on match days across the nine League centres for effective communication.

Referees in the top flight officiated the first fifteen games of the season without the communication gadgets and this will be welcoming news for officiating officials.