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‘Weak’ Parliament failed Ghanaians on Agyapa deal; Amidu, Franklin Cudjoe stopped it – MP

Member of Parliament for the Banda constituency, Ahmed Ibrahim has said, but for the intervention of civil society organizations and the Office of the Special Prosecutor, the controversial Agyapa deal would have been executed.

He said the majority side of parliament used its numbers to push the deal through, much against the consent of the minority and the public, a reason he believes makes the 7th Parliament the weakest in the Fourth Republic.

Speaking to journalists in Parliament, the Banda MP specifically mentioned the former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu and President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe as people who played pivotal roles in stopping the execution of the Agyapa Royalties Agreement which was passed by parliament to mortgage the mineral royalties of the country.

“This was the weakest Parliament that we have simply because we passed the Agyapa Royalties deal and Civil Society, Franklin Cudjoe and co had to stand up against it.

“And if not for Franklin Cudjoe and Martin Amidu, Agyapa deal would have been a thing now,” he said.

Civil Society was very critical of the deal before, during and after its passage in Parliament, alleging corruption, conflict of interest, undervaluation among others.

The continuous mounting of pressure by Civil Society caused the former Special Prosecutor to take interest in the matter and initiated a corruption-risk assessment which unraveled the risk of corruption is high.

Succeeding events would later lead to the resignation of Martin Amidu who cited executive interference as a reason.

Mr. Ahmed explained the Agyapa deal was just one of the many things parliament the government used it 169 majority in Parliament to push through.

“When they [government] brought Ameri, we said it was not good, the government used his majority to passed it. When the government brought BOST scandal, Agyapa deal, within thirty munite, Asibey was able to produce a report”, he said.

He however believes that the 8th Parliament will be different.

“We had the weakest parliament because the majority was 169 against 103, so whatever government wanted to do they could do it but now this government is going to be critical and strong.”

Source: Ghanaweb

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