Buying a contract isn’t a crime – John Boadu

“Buying a contract from a contractor who cannot execute it isn’t a crime,” the General Secretary of the ruling NPP, John Boadu has said.

According to him, it may happen that the contractor might have other things doing, therefore, selling to other equally competent persons is in the right direction just as it happens to outright sale of contracts.

John Boadu said these in reference to the latest exposé by investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni

“if the Public Procurement Authority boss, AB Adjei did not enter into competitive or restrictive tendering but used his influence as the PPA CEO to award the contract then he didn’t act in good faith.”

Beyond that, Mr Boadu indicated that subcontracting is not a crime in this country.

“When did selling of contracts become a crime,” he asked.

AB Adjei, the PPA Chief Executive Office was busted for using his office to award contracts to his company through restrictive tendering.

According to Manasseh, Talent Discovery Limited (TDL), a company incorporated in June 2017 and owned by AB Adjei won a number of government contracts.

Manasseh then confirmed that the company was engaged in selling contracts.

Undercover encounters with the General Manager of the Company, Thomas Amoah, revealed that the company was selling a ¢22.3 million road contract to K-Drah Enterprise, a fake company Manasseh used for the investigation.

This contract was awarded to B-Molie Limited, a company Mr Amoah said was a sister company of TDL.


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