Save Diaspora Halls now! – UG students to government


University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President, Sylvester Amoako has called on President Akufo-Addo to save Diaspora Halls, namely; Alexander Kwapong, Hilla Liman, Elizabeth Sey and Jean Nelson Halls on campus by intervening in an outstanding debt that the management of the school owes.

Speaking on behalf of the student body, Mr Amoako stated that, students in the Diaspora Halls cannot afford to be in ‘expensive’ hostels such as Pent and Evandy Halls, neither do they see themselves moving out of the Diaspora Halls.

He revealed that the banks the school owes are ready to privatize these Diaspora Halls if the school management is not able to deposit GHC50 million to clear part of the debt.

He said “The banks are saying that if the University of Ghana cannot pay the deposit of GHC50 million, then they are coming to move and enforce privatization of Diaspora Halls.”

“We went to a consortium with the banks and the banks are requesting for a good fate of an essential of GHC50 million to show that yes, we want to keep the hostels. The position of University of Ghana on this issue has been that, we do not have GHC50 million to cough out”, he added.

Making reference to history, the SRC President stated that, the Late Atta-Mills in 2008 promised to absorb part of the debt but it came to no avail.

“The Government of Ghana, under the auspices of Former President, the late John Evan Atta-Mills made a pledge to absorb some of the cost of the Diaspora Halls so whereas, we believe that, university management has not done prudent in paying up the loan. We think that, government also has a part to play in absorbing the debt”, he stated.

In a press conference held today on campus, the SRC is calling for a round table discussion with university management, the President of Ghana, Minister of Education among other key stakeholders to help resolve this menace.

Adding that, they are giving an ultimatum of one-week to meet the stakeholders and if it becomes futile, will embark on a demonstration to the registry and Jubilee House for their problems to be solved.

In 2008, the University of Ghana went for a loan of GHC43 million to build the Diaspora Halls; Alexander Kwapong Hall, Hilla Liman Hall, Elizabeth Sey Hall and Jean Nelson Hall.

There has been a judgement debt that attracted 50% of the amount and has amounted to GHC538 million debt outstanding.