AUDIO: Contract For Sale – Scandal in Tatale Sanguli District As The DCE is caught On Tape

A hot audio has been intercepted involving the DCE and a Contractor who made cash payments but has since been denied a contract per the reached consensus. This adds to the evidence on series of allegations on the corrupt attitude of the DCE.

The District Chief Executive for Tatale-Sanguli, Hon. Thomas Mbomba aspires to lead the party in the pending parliamentary primaries slated for next month.

Sources close to the camp also reveals that he is involved in all kinds of dubious acts that has dwindled the fortunes of the NPP in the district. One of the contractors in says the DCE is not the angel he touts himself to be in the face of the public. A lot of the constituents are peeved already by his poor administrative performance and vowing to vent their spleen on him should he manoeuvre to win the primaries by inducement in anticipation.

Speaking to some of the party sympathizers in the district, a couple of them feel he is becoming an albatross on their neck and party base so far.Take a listen to the audio in demand.

Click to listen to the audio below

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