Rosemond Brown Creates Scene At Golden Movie Awards

Rosemond Brown

It is astonishing how Rosemond Brown would do anything to create scenes and probably be in the news.

The Ghanaian actress who is nicknamed Akuapem Poloo did the unthinkable at the 2019 Golden Movie Awards unveiling of nominees at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on Friday, July 19, 2019.

The cameras of captured her running towards the Boss of Carman Watches, Anthony M. Dzamefe amidst screaming.

She stated loudly that she was pleased to meet Mr Dzamefe.

Thinking that would end there, Akuapem Poloo harassed the man to give her the watch that he was wearing.

“Please give me your watch,” Poloo said and the Carman Watches Boss replied; “No this is not for ladies.”

“No, I want it. I have been looking for you. I like your watches,” Rosemond exclaimed and then lied on the floor.

Mr Anthony M. Dzamefe had no option than to give the watch to her.

After receiving the watch, Akuapem Poloo happily vanished from the scene.