Mahama Shaibu petitions AG over State institutions donating to COVID-19 Trust Fund


Daboya-Mankarigu MP, Mahama Shaibu, has petitioned the Attorney General Gloria Akuffo over State Institutions donating to the COVID-19 Trust Fund.

The NDC MP argues that public institutions have no standing to donate the monies to the COVID-19 Trust Fund.

In a letter to the AG, he requested that monies donated to the COVID-19 Trust Fund by state bodies be refunded to them.

He said when the fund was set up, the law that backed its establishment said the donations should come from individuals or corporate bodies.

Portions of a letter petitioning the AG read: “In order to play its complementary role, the fund was to receive donations, grants and voluntary contributions from individuals, groups and corporate bodies. It was made manifestly and abundantly clear that the fund as established was not to receive public funds or resources”. It, therefore, came to me with deep shock and concern when I read in the media that public/state institutions are making donations or voluntary contribution into the Novel Coronavirus.”

The last bit of the letter said I am of the candid opinion that all such contributions should be returned to the public/state Institutions lest the principal officers and the governing boards of the contributing public/state institutions stand the risk of being dangerous, exposed and potentially liable to be surcharged by the Auditor-General for making illegal or wrongful payments.”